Dietary supplements are nutrients extracted from food sources or synthetically made and are intended to supplement or increase their levels when consumed. These dietary supplements include minerals, herbs, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, collagen, enzymes, and fiber. They are distributed as capsules, tablets, gummies, powders, drinks, and energy bars.

Because they are mostly extracted from food, these compounds are found in ordinary food sources, such that when consuming a well-balanced diet, one can approximate to sufficient levels in the body. However, when food intake is not balanced or inadequate for some supplements, taking supplements can be beneficial.

Of note, dietary supplements are not FDA approved products, however, the organization issues rules and regulations as well as monitors the labelling, marketing, and safety of dietary supplements. Of note, some dietary supplements have proven scientific evidence of their safety and efficacy. The European Commission has also established rules to ensure they are safe and labeled appropriately for the public.

At boost MitoHealth, our aim is to bring to you evidenced based supplements that can help improve mitochondrial health.

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