Glycine Plus N-Acetylcysteine (GlyNAC)

Gamma-glutamylcycteinylglycine (GSH) is probably the most abundant endogenous antioxidant. Others are catalase…Unfortunately, GSH levels decline with age, probably due to lack of its raw materials (glycine and cysteine) for synthesis.

A pilot clinical study demonstrated that combined supplementation of GlyNAC was associated with amelioration of several age-related debilitating conditions. GlyNAC administration for just 24 weeks was associated with so much benefits as we age. The combined supplements in older adults were associated with improved multiple functions, including improved oxidative stress, mitochondrial oxidation, and other age-related declining functions such as inflammation (inflammaging), physical functions (improved muscle mass and strength – sarcopenia), insulin resistance, endothelial functions, genomic toxicity, and cognitive functions.

While preliminary, this data suggest GlyNAC supplementation could be helpful as we age.

We recommend this combined supplement for improved mitochondrial functions in adults.

The reported benefits declined after intake was stopped for 12 weeks, suggesting a lifetime intake to sustain the benefits.

Also, the sample size for the pilot study was small, necessitating the need for a large-scale validation study.

Recommendation: GlyNAC supplementation could be beneficial in boosting MitoHealth as well as improving age-related chronic conditions, muscle strength, and cognitive functions.

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