Mitochondria - microbiology, cellular organelle 3d illustration

Apple products are probably the best electronic devices out there when it comes to monitoring your health. Not only are they built with professional quality, the integration of all devices (they talk to each other as a single loving family) make them extremely useful in many ways.

This example is an experience I encountered on July 20th, 2023: I went to the mall to pick up some groceries, and at the check-out counter, I forgot and left my iPhone at the counter. Just as I got to the packing lot, my apple watch vibrated and when I looked, it displayed “iPhone left behind” I immediately realized I had left my iPhone at the counter and hence returned to retrieve it.

As we even age well, there will be some memory loss and such reminders are very helpful.

At the minimum, I recommend that as we age, we should embrace an get the apple watch and iPhone...there will be no regrets!

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